About Me


My name is Amy, I'm 24 years old and I live in Chicago, IL with my boyfriend Richard and our dog Cooper. I moved here two years ago from Detroit, MI but am always traveling for fun or work. I work full-time in product development and am passionate about food. Although I don't have formal culinary experience, I love to cook. Sometimes I make homemade ramen or pho. I love baking and eating bread. I have a food instagram where I post about all these things (@hangry_amy). Other hobbies include petting dogs, doodling, and bumming around the house

Richard and Cooper! 

Richard and Cooper! 

I started this blog because I am passionate about ramen and have tried many different kinds/brand. I've tried most of the restaurants in Chicago and Detroit, and am always trying ramen/pho places wherever I travel to. I wanted to share my thoughts with the world since there are so many different kinds out there! 

Of course, I've only just scratched the surface on trying all the ramen in the world. I am always looking for suggestions! The ramen aisle is a very overwhelming place! Please let me know if you have any suggestions or thoughts on my reviews

My Tastes

People will have different opinions of food based on taste preferences, I try to make my reviews as universal as possible, but you might find that your opinion will match mine more if we have similar tastes. Or if it doesn't match my opinion, maybe this will explain why. 

I think I have a pretty open palette. I will eat and enjoy anything except lamb and any type of blue cheese/goat cheese (they all taste like barnyard to me). Not really a fan of licorice as a candy either. When I'm not eating noodles, I enjoy a low sodium omnivorous diet that is plant focused, meaning I try to eat mostly fruits and veggies but am not a vegetarian/vegan. 

With ramen, I don't like when it is too rich or meaty. Tonkastu ramen for example, is one of my favorites, but it can often easily be made too rich/meaty so I am afraid to order it most of the time.The texture and flavor of the noodles are really important to me--arguably more important than the flavor of the soup. Because I try to eat a low-sodium diet when I'm not eating ramen (so I can eat more ramen), I am more sensitive to MSG and salt content than many people. If I've already tried a pack of ramen and I know what it tastes like, Ill often put in less of the seasoning packet next time I make it. At restaurants I will order the soup with less sodium if that is an option. However, all my reviews are with the full soup packet/full sodium so I can give a more consistent review